We offer specialized machinery in underground mining and excavation equipment. Our products are created with the latest technology and are in a constant process of updating and research, the best materials are used for their manufacture, providing security to our customers.

With our after sales and advisory service, you will be accompanied by our specialized technical engineers for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, diagnosis and preventive reviews.

Featured equipment for underground mining

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  • Suitable for working in poor conditions, narrow, small spaces and covered with mud.
  • This machine adapts to energy changes by its gearbox, which ensures easy and flexible operation.
  • The long cylinders of this machine provide speed in the cycle.
  • The wagons are designed for optimum load capacity and long life.

  • Es utilizado principalmente en minería, metalurgia y otros tipos de tunelación, ingeniería de alcantarillas de túneles. 
  • Con sistema hidráulico avanzado la máquina se para automáticamente y tiene un aparato anti – sujeción con operación conveniente, seguro y fiable.  
  • Es la máquina subterránea ideal para proyectos de perforación de piedra.
  • Puede ser usada en pequeñas secciones de los túneles 2 x 2 m mínimo como en grandes secciones de túneles de 7.5 x 8 m máximo.

  • This machine has 5 functions: hydraulic transmission, excavation and collection, transport, loading and cleaning.
  • The hydraulic transmission works under the operation of a hydraulic motor, reduction gear, transmission shaft and reduction box.
  • This machine protects the environment, has low consumption and high efficiency.
  • Easy operation

Our partner in underground mining

For underground mining we work hand in hand with SITON, which is a company founded in 1992, its main production are full-range tunnel machines: haggloader loader, jumbo driller, underground LHD, dumping truck, mining wagons.


CNAS, Siton Machinery ISO certificate, Safety of approval for mining prodcuts, production certificate and patent letters.

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