In AYC Solutions we have reliable and high quality Photovoltaic Solar Energy Solutions. For our clients we adjust engineering standards to their energy needs, whether for residential, commercial or industrial spaces. Therefore, we provide the complete solution in equipment supplies, such as solar panels, structures and inverters; We also have the technical and human resources to help you. We carry out the design, construction and commissioning, in this way we achieve the best results.

We offer the following photovoltaic solutions: design, supply, installation and commissioning of PV Systems; feasibility advice for PV projects.

With our after-sales and advisory service, you will be accompanied by our specialized technical engineers for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, diagnosis and preventive reviews.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Equipments 

  • The guaranteed positive tolerance of 0 ~ + 5W guarantees the reliability of the power output.
  • Improve module output, decrease risk of mirco-crack, improve module reliability.
  • High efficiency output with PERC.
  • Effectively reduces the shadow effect on the module surface.
  • Reduces loss of mismatch and improves output.
  • Ø45mm, v = 30.7m / s hail proof.
  • Excellent PID resistance after 96 hours of testing, and can also be upgraded to meet higher standards for a particularly harsh environment.
  • From 400Wp to 550 Wp.

  • Wide industrial, commercial and residential range.
  • They comply with the standards required by agreement 1322 of the CNO of May 2020.
  • Powers from 36 kW to 125 kW.
  • 3-level technology and improved control mechanism to achieve high efficiency over a wide load range.
  • 2 MPPT for higher system efficiency.
  • Advanced thermal design, with variable speed fans.
  • Some certifications: EC62109-1 / 2, IEC61000-6-1 / 2/3/4, IEC61727 / 62116, IEC61683, UL1741-SA-2016, UL1699B, CSA-C22.2 NO.107.1-01, IEEE1547a-2014; FCC PART15

  • It can convert 12/24 / 48VDC to 220 / 230VAC (or 110 / 120VAC).
  • It has a wider operating temperature, easy installation and operation.
  • The wide input voltage range is ideal for solar system application.
  • Optional output voltage 220 / 230VAC (or 110 / 120VAC), choosing by DIP switch.
  • Max. efficiency up to 95% (IP2000-22, IP2000-42).
  • Input protection: overvoltage protection, low voltage protection.
  • Output protection: overload protection, short circuit protection.
  • Overtemperature protection: Temperature controlled fan ventilation.

  • It minimizes the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, quickly tracks the PV array’s maximum power point, and draws maximum power from solar modules in any condition.
  • It can increase the proportion of energy utilization in the solar system by 20% -30% compared to a PWM charging method.
  • Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize MPP loss rate and loss time.
  • Advanced MPPT technology, with an efficiency of not less than 99.5%
  • Maximum DC / DC conversion efficiency of 98%.
    Wide range of MPP operating voltage.
  • Provides 5V DC power through the output interface.

suelo solar

  • Official partners in Colombia for Goomax.
  • Team of experts who can evaluate your requirements.
  • Structural solutions for any type of photovoltaic project. (Residential, commercial, industrial and large scale).
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Adjustable installation angle.
  • No need for drilling, cutting and other operations.
  • Unique connector design for quick and easy installation.

At AYC Solutions we offer a wide variety of solar pumps: solar well pumps, water pumps, irrigation pumps and submersible solar pumps.

  • Deep well pump irrigation application.
  • Water supply for towns and cities.
  • Drinking water.
  • Irrigation of gardens.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Irrigation by pumping and dripping.
  • DC solar pump.
  • Stainless steel pump body.
  • Energy saving.
  • Oil cooling.
  • MPPT function controller.

Our partners in solar solutions

For a complete and effective solution we have the support of our partner Astronergy, a company that specializes in the research, development and production of high efficiency PV modules. Up to date, they have become one of the largest developers of photovoltaic projects in China with more than 3.6GW completed and even more under construction.

Our goal is to provide a wide portfolio to cover all the needs of your solar energy projects, that is why we also have a partnership with Goomax, a high-tech company specialized in the solar products industry with its own R&D center (Research and Development) and production bases. Goomax is now one of the largest export companies of solar products in China.


Our products have the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, TUV Nord IEC / TS 62941, CNAS, RETIE. 

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