At AYC Solutions we are aware of the high spread that COVID-19 has had worldwide and the state of emergency that this has generated, for this reason, there is a high demand for medical products for infection control such as medical masks, medical protective glasses, face shields, full protective coverall, ventilators, antibacterial gels, among other items that we have made available to help fight this virus.

In our team we have expert advice, strategic resources and experience in integrated solutions, these factors helps us offer quality service in order to meet the needs of our customers, that is why, and thanks to the good ties and excellent relationship we have with our partners that we are offering different medical products for the control and prevention of COVID-19.

All of our medical products have high quality standards and the required certifications.

Note: These medical products are only available for wholesale.


Medical masks have a iltering effect on the air entering the lungs, to block the entry of harmful gases and drops. The use of masks has a very good effect when respiratory infections are frequent. The most important purpose of these medical items is to isolate germs.

At AYC Solutions we offer 4 kinds of masks:

  • Disposable medical mask
  • Surgical medical mask
  • Medical protection mask
  • KN95 / N95 Particle Protection Mask

The safety and pretection medical glasses can be worn at the same time as regular glasses. These goggles provide a completely closed insulator and adopt an integrated lens design, which can effectively block both front and side splashes and particles.

The main material is the polycarbonate lens and the frame is vinyl. The lens surface is made of anti-fog coating to prevent fogging, they are also UV resistant. They are equipped with an adjustable elastic headband according to individual needs.

We have two types of medical glasses:

  • Safety and protection medical glasses
  • Protective medical glasses

The antibacterial hand sanitizer gel is designed to purify effectively. Contains more than 75% alcohol, which can quickly and effectively kill a broad spectrum of pathogenic micro-organisms without using water. The disinfection rate is 99% and drying is fast.

Disposable latex gloves have antistatic, aging, and oil resistance properties. The shape of the gloves is designed according to the shape of the human hand, they have great sensitivity and good traction.

Non-contact infrared thermometer and high sensitivity sensor make temperature measurement more accurate. The design of this device is pistol type, making it easy to manipulate. The mode of use is pointing directly to the center of the forehead, in just 0.5 seconds the result is obtained, making this the fastest and most accurate thermometer. The measurement can also be performed in the absence of light, either at night or in a dark place.

The protective suit is the clothing used by medical personnel and people who enter to specific medical and health areas. People like patients, hospital visitors, among others, can also use this type of suit for prevention.

The function of this suit is to isolate bacteria, harmful ultra-fine dust, alkaline acid solutions, electromagnetic radiation, etc. Thanks to these, the safety of medical personnel is guaranteed and the environment is kept clean.

At AYC Solutions, we offer 6 different kinds of suits:

  • Disposable sterile protective suit
  • Non-sterile disposable protective suit
  • Disposable isolation suit
  • Sterilizable disposable surgical coverall
  • Disposable surgical coverall without sterilization
  • Disposable patient coverall

The ventilator is an effective tool of artificially replacing the autonomous ventilation function, it has been widely used in critical respiratory problems caused by various reasons, it is also used in respiratory management during surgery or treatment of respiratory support and emergency resuscitation. The ventilator is a vital medical device that can prevent and treat respiratory failure, reduce complications, and save lives.

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