We have reliable solutions for mineral processing plants. Our products are high tech and have a design and research process. For mining plants we offer service administration, mining operation, mining materials management, among other resources for the integration of the industry.

With our after sales and advisory service, you will be accompanied by our specialized technical engineers for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, diagnosis and preventive reviews.

Featured equipment for mining plants

celdas flotacion

  • Great inspiratory capacity, good dispersion effect.
  • Low energy consumption and high aspiration.
  • Each tank has triple functions of air aspiration, pulp and flotation forming an automatic circle of the horizontal device without auxiliary equipment facilitating the change of the process.
  • Adequate pulp circulation avoiding max. Spread the sinking of thick sand and improve flotation.
  • Mechanical agitation with self-aspiration of air and pulp.
  • The unit combined with the JJF series is formed as the tank for each operation.
  • Low energy consumption saving 30-50%.

  • It is a team that separates heavy and light minerals according to the difference in sedimentation speed in the vertical current.
  • Apply the cone-shaped sliding valve that lowers 80% of the breakdown cup and reduces energy consumption.
  • Performs the separation of different materials with an increase of 35% capacity.
  • It is easy to adjust the race, repair and handle.
  • It occupies less land and the capacity per unit is large.
  • Stable, easy to control, large density limit.

  • Change the form of transverse transportation to inclined transportation that solves the blocking problem.
  • The size of the sediment is increased with the addition of the flocculant.
  • Certain flocculant is added to the suspension to accelerate its sediment in order to improve concentration efficiency.
  • Daily capacity is 4 ~ 9 times, energy saving by 30%.
    It is also used in dehydration in the chemical and metallurgy industry.aumenta el tamaño del sedimento con adición del floculante
  • Ciertos floculante se añade a la suspensión para acelerar su sedimento con el fin de mejorar la eficiencia de concentración.
  • La capacidad diaria es de 4 ~ 9 veces, el ahorro de energía en un 30%.
  • También se usa en la deshidratación en la industria química y metalurgia.

  • Reasonable mechanical structure, low noise, high separation efficiency.
  • Connected by ring groove rivet, advanced, solid and hard.
  • Large capacity, versatility of parts, easy to repair.
  • It adopts advanced manufacturing technique and high quality materials.
  • International Standard chassis, tires, brakes, lighting system, ordinary road traffic.

In addition to these featured products we have the following products:

  • Gold extraction equipment.
  • Dehydration equipment.
  • Transmission equipment.
  • Iron removal equipment.
  • Magnetic equipment.
  • Valves.

Our partner in equipment for mining plants

In AYC Solutions we have a partnership with world-class companies that can bring confidence and support to us, in equipment for mining plants we work with Xinghai, a business group created in 1993. Our partner company provides the services of mineral processing solutions to more than 500 Mines in the world. They have experience in 70 types of materials and 112 patents. They are responsible for the design, research, machine manufacturing, equipment acquisition, management service, mining operation, acquisition and management of mine materials.


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