Our electrical substations equipment is characterized by being efficient, with high safety and reliability in the operation; These equipments are suitable for power plants, substations, large-scale industry, industrial companies, etc. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, for this reason we offer products according to their needs.

With our after sales and advisory service, you will be accompanied by our specialized technical engineers for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, diagnosis and preventive reviews.

Featured equipment in Electrical Substations

  • Power (TRF) [up to 750kV @ 1200MVA]
  • Insulation resistance.
  • Short circuit resistance.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Environmental temperature: + 45C ° – -30C °
  • Compact design, low noise and light weight.
  • Certifications: IEC 60076-1, IEC 60076-2, IEC 60076-3, IEC 60076-5, ANSI, IEEE, AS, VEIKI, EN, among others.

  • High insulation reliability
  • High cutting capacity
  • Achieves oil-free, gas-free, and low-noise operation
  • Strong anti-seismic ability
  • Application: substations, hydroelectric power station, other switch substation, among others.
  • Complies with IEC 62271-203, KEMA standard.
  • Maximum configuration up to 252kV.
  • Lightning rod (SA – Surger Arrester) [up to 500kV]
  • Polymeric Insulators (CI – Composite Insulator) [up to 1000kV]
  • Circuit Breakers (CB – Circuit Breaker) [up to 252kV]
  • Disconnectors (DS –Disconnector Switch) [up to 252kV]
  • Current Transformers (CT) [up to 275kV]
  • Potential Transformers (TP) [up to 275kV]
  • Compact Hybrid Bays (H-GIS) [up to 145kV]
  • Mobile Substations [up to 145kV]
  • Reactive Compensations [up to 230kV]

Our strategic partner for equipment in electrical substations. 

We have the strategic alliance of the Asian giant Chint. This is an important company with which we have established a strong partnership, they specialize in smart energy solutions and are renowned worldwide. It has one of the largest factories in the world, with a capacity of more than one million kVA.


Some of the outstanding standards of our products are: IEC 60076, ANSI, IEEE, AS, IEC 60076-3, IEC 60076-5, among others.

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