In AYC Solutions we are known for offering security and confidence in our products, so we offer internationally certified drilling tools. These tools are mainly used in mining and construction. We are also characterized by the constant improvement of our products, the agility in obtaining these resources in the shortest possible time and a professional customer service, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

With our after sales and advisory service, you will be accompanied by our specialized technical engineers for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, diagnosis and preventive reviews.

Our products have ISO9001 certification.


  • Drilling pipe.
  • Pneumatic drilling machine.
  • Drilling tools.
  • Conical drill bits.
  • Bottom Hammer Drills (DTH).
  • Tapered bars.
  • Integral bars.
  • Drilling tools for jumbos.
  • Button bits.
  • Helical bars.
  • Background hammers.

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